Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Final presentation

Check out my final presentation:

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Stats on my personal sites

Today we talked about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and learned some new vocabularies, like crawling and indexing. Referring to this I have researched the following interesting data in the stats of my personal sites:


  1. Pageviews total:
    • 670
  2. Pageviews by country:
    • USA:            123
    • France:         14
    • Canada:        6
    • Germany:      5
    • UK:              5
    • Indonesia:     4
    • Colombia:     1
    • Ireland:         1 
    • Malaysia:      1
    • Nigeria:        1
  3. Pageviews by Operating Systems:
    • Windows:     200
    • Macintosh:   12
    • Linux:           3
    • competible:   2
  4. Post, which generated the highest number of Pageviews:
    • "My first Vlog" (174 pageviews)


    • 24 Tweets
    • 34 Followings


    • 3 friends

    I am very surprised about the high number of pageviews on my blog. Especially I am astonished about the "internationality" of the pageviews.

Return on investment (ROI)

In our class last week we talked about return on investment (ROI). ROI is a tool which measures, if your marketing-investment has payed off or if you better should stop your campaign. In our case we talked about the ROI for Social Media Marketing.

To measure your ROI for Social Media Marketing, you have to analyize several data:
  • Click-Trough-Rate (CTR)
  • Followers/likes/eyeball/retweets/reports
  • Mentions
  • Analytics
  • Search engine (where is my company in google-ranking?)

To determine generally your ROI, you have to calculate with following formula:
  • (gain for investment - cost of investment) / cost of investment 

 To determine my own ROI for my self-marketing campagin, I will at first count my
  • followers and retweets on Twitter
  • friends on facebook
  • followers of my blog
  • pageviews of my blog
  • number of responds to my blog-posts
It wouldn´t make sence yet to analyze my campaign on search engine, because my "buisness" is still too small, to play a important role on google.

Monday, November 5, 2012

My first Vlog

Hi everyone!

Here is my first Vlog:

My introduction for Social Media Marketing

My first experiences with the Twitter-Chat

On Halloween I had the opportunity to chat on Twitter with my teacher and my classmates. At the beginning I was a little bit scared about the tool on Twitter, like hashtag, respondings,....
But while practicing it is very easy to learn, how to use these tools. And additionally it´s fun to work with Twitter after a few minutes of practicing. But I wouldn´t use Twitter for me as a prviate person, because it is too limited (140 characters per Tweet).
For buisness Twitter is very useful, because you can communicate with you follower and you can follow, what people think about your brand/company.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Homework #4

Our class last week was a funny and interesting session. We were divided into groups and each group had first to analyse and then to presentate a case study from the internet. Our group got the study on the subject of:

"The Science of Social Timing Part 1: Social Networks"

For me it was very interesting to analyse our study, because it deals with the user behavior of Twitter and facebook. To illustrate the contents of the study, some examples from the study for you in the following:
  • The best time to tweet is 5 p.m. (Eastern Time Zone).
  • The ideal frequency of Tweets: 1-4 Tweets per hour.
  • The best days to tweet: Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday.
  • The best times to share on facebook are noon and a little after 7 p.m..
  • The Central & Eastern Time Zone combined represent almost 80 percent of the U.S. population:
    • West-coast companies might orientate on the Central & Easern Time Zone to reach the highest number of people.

All in all, I learned many new things in the last session, which were easy to understand and are very important to market a company, a product or yourself.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Homework #3

Adventure Twitter

I have never imagined that I would be a member of Twitter one day. But now the time has come. For me it is still difficult to use this Social-Media-Tool, but I think the more I´ll work with Twitter the better I´ll understand it.

In the last session of our class we had to follow five Twitter Accounts, which could help us to build our brand. I have decided for the following five:

Lonely Planet

These accounts are all about travelling, which is the main topic of my brand. Three of the five accounts I´m following have already started following me. This shows that Twitter is a big marketing platform on which the different brands try to exchange their views/products/...
For me it´s important to stay in contact with these accounts, because then I will establish a name for myself in this area.